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Poetry By Petty

As Darkness Falls

As darkness falls
Our eyes miss the beauty
That swirls and circles above us

As darkness falls
Light and life are ripped apart
And stars disappear

As darkness falls
We disappear
Into the worlds we create

As darkness falls
We fall
And discover the world in which we live


Nothing Turns to Nothing

The sun is rising
The night is over
A peaceful world
In which we miss

A tree is blooming
A flower drooping
A happy world
In which we miss

Turns to nothing

The dead
Remain dead

As nothing
Turns to nothing



An egg has been laid
One will never hatch

A horse stands
And one falls

A fallen leaf
Still grows

One who dies
Still lives in the place of another

And dust
Turns to dust
And time blows away



He said, staring into space
She replied, from an ignorant place
He confided, shaking his head
"I don't know."
She replied, and promptly left for bed


In Their Eyes

When I looked into her eyes,
I saw nothing
So my heart filled with sadness
When she sneered at my emotion
My heart filled more
Until it broke

Now when people look at me
They see nothing
And when they cry
I laugh


Hermit Crab

I found a shell on the beach
And inside it was a crab
A hermit
He yelled at me
And said to put him back
So I did



I was talking to a man the other day
A very strange man
He asked me who I was
And said I answered wrong


Masochistic Child in a Sadistic Family

A masochistic child born to a sadistic family,
Will live forever,
Living never,
Living all alone.

The blood on these walls will never fade away,
Nor will these bruises,
Or the pain they cause me.

The bodies in the closet
Pile up, oh so fast...
Blood excites us all
As well as pain,
But for the child,
Only her own will satisfy

A masochistic child, born to a sadistic family
Distracts herself from turmoil by pleasure
The bloodlust pumping through my veins,
Is hard to ignore,
So I'll lash out, lash out

All I see is bruises,
A ghastly color red,
Stains upon the walls,
Not to be seen,
Not to be seen

This blood is not mine
The bruises on another body
The pain is of my own,
Not physical though,
Never physical pain

I am part of a sadistic family,
The poor peace-making child lay still, still
The bodies in the rafters
Stare down with accusing eyes,
Not to us, but to the child who gets back up,
Every single time.

We are imaginary.
I do not exist.
The masochistic child in a sadistic family,
Lies alone in guttered streets,
As we watch her with accusing eyes



What is a cliff to a suicide,
A drink to a drunk,
A gun to the hungry?

Stop whining and pull yourself up.

Well then, if my life is eternal
And yours is endless-
Whose has more meaning?

I'm not waiting around forever.
There's a tragedy to be had,
And one I think you'll duly enjoy.

What is a scream in the silence?
A silent tree falling alone?
A breath taken by the dead,
In a final act of protest?

No, you cannot go back to say goodbye
That bridge has been crossed, I'm afraid
No, you cannot wait a little longer
You've wasted enough for a lifetime.



My whole world is shining
In a glittering



And there it was,
Perched so slyly on the edge of its shelf
The lampshade

Ah! How I long for it,
Its fabric so convincing,
But its price, too expensive

I will stand here,
With my face pressed to the glass
Drooling slightly with want
Until the tip of my nose forms a bruise

Oh, that lampshade!
Its pattern, so exquisite!
I would die for you,
If I could be promised
Your company in heaven

My heart plunges as I see it purchased
That person, that evil person,
Carelessly slinging it in a bag
Packed with unnecessary sundries

That lampshade!
The lampshade!
The only lampshade for me!
How I long for you,
But I fear,
My love is unrequited



He told me that I will live
As he pressed his lips to the ice
And he froze in a statue
To last to the end of time

She told me that I will survive
As she sipped the poison
And she fell as dust
To bring us from the edge of time

They told there was nothing left
As they spun ceaselessly
And collapsed, broken
To be forgotten in an instant

I'm still here
I'm still alive
I'm still surviving
But in the end, they were right
There's nothing left as there had been
But relics from another time
But faces forgotten yet present
In this eternity,
Stretching vast and endless before us


Child's Perspective

I feel the grass in my bare toes
It tickles, like tongues
I can see the sky, a blue I can not name
There aren't anymore sparrows

The house is looming,
Friendly and leering
With bats in the attic and an old witch cackling
Like all the evil witches who try to trick me
But I'm smarter than all of them.
Fairies peck at my feet,
Their voices like bells in the wind
Their clothes made from flowers and music

It seems in this moment I have magic in me
As the world swirls in a familiar pattern
With new things to discover
But I do not want to leave just yet;
There is someone special waiting for me,
Her smile my joy, his laugh my humor
Someone who I must never leave,
Someone I will never leave,
My world,
My life,
All of my existence

But I don't quite remember who



Do you think, even for a moment, that I would've loved you?

I smile, even as she walks away
I cringe at my own grief,
Nevermore to be confused with mind-numbing hate
Nothing leaving ashes in dust as it did
When she loved me

Grow up, dearest, and tell everyone that you won't fall for tricks anymore

Oh, she loved me, in her way
After all, what were those nights of sweet nothings,
Of the tender caresses with virgin hands,
Of the flash of jealousy she thought I couldn't see

I don't want anyone else breaking your heart

She couldn't help it, I'm sure
She was, after all, a silly thing dressed like a woman,
Feeling her way blindly through a maze of brittle glass
She couldn't help pulling me into her prison
She couldn't help pushing me aside as she lunged for freedom

We'll save that bit for me, eh?

She couldn't help it