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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hunger Games

Here comes the shameful admission: I love the Hunger Games. And the more I read them, the more I love them; it's an endless cycle of embarrassment.

Currently, I'm re-reading the series for the.... Third? Fourth? Some time after two, certainly. I forget how many times I've read them. And even though I read them repeatedly, I still have to tear up for certain parts.

I've hardened for the first book. When I first read it, I got teary with horror at the scene where Katniss is wrenching the bow and arrows from Glimmer (was that the name?). Particularly, the line where she says something to the effect of "and I can't do it, I can't do it, the whole event is so horrific..." (I don't remember the exact words, so sorry if this is incorrect). It still makes me shudder, but at least I'm not crying over it. Rue's death still makes me cry. I know, this is a popular death to cry over, but the singing, the flowers, the fact that she's twelve-fucking-years-old... It's hard to not cry.

In the second book, certain scenes make me break down every time I read it. Mag's death, for one. The fact that they have no time to grieve, that she just goes and does it, and poor Finnick... He just nods his head and goes with it, even though he breaks down later. Then, possibly the hardest death for me, even over Rue's, the female morphling from 6. I just got to that part now and had to set the book down because it just always strikes me.

She just... appears. Out of the blue. If she'd just died right then, another nameless tribute, I would be fine. Heck, even if Peeta did his whole spiel with the colors but she didn't react, I would be... Well not okay, but not teary-eyed. It's the flower she paints on his cheek.

She's dying, but that's not new for her; in a way she'd been slowly dying since she gave up food for morphine. The difference is that now she has someone to hold her hand as she dies, someone to coo to her about colors and paint, as though she were a child. And the image of her, painting some illegible shape with the only material she has, her blood, on the only canvas she sees, Peeta. It's so impulsive, so insane, so stunted and sad innately, completely child-like that it just brings me to tears every single time.

And I wonder, as I do with all of them, if she'd survived and lived outside the arena... who would she be?

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